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 Heya intro

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PostSubject: Heya intro   Heya intro EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 12:17 am

Heya all its Marty Nosmont, I have been playing Pandora for 280 days so far, which is about 278 days longer then I have ever played another MMO. I used to play UO back in the day with my friend when we were still 9 years old right when it launched back in 1999, back in the days where skeleton knights were tough, and people would form a wall to fight them down in the dungeons, and no one would loot the corpses they were only there to loot other people when they died.. thinking back it was a pretty stupid thing to do.

So how did i find Pandora and come back to UO I hear nobody cry out? Well I stopped playing/watching in 2001, my friends parents grounded him and took the account away so we had to find other things to do. So 11 years later randomly playing MMOs (mixed in with console gaming of course) and being horribly bored with how repetative and flat each of them felt, and every time i quit i always thought "Damn that sucked, nothing like UO which was the first MMO ever.. how can the first one litterally be the best.." So then I just google it and HOLY CRAP its still around, with updates as well?? and then the story is the usual jumped server to server being bored by each, till i found Pandora.

So what else can I fill this intro with?

Origin of Marty Nosmont then. Well in grade 5 my teacher did an excersize where we would reverse our names and sound them out, so mine ended up was Wehttam Nosmoht, Wehttam sucked so i forgot about that but I liked the sound of Nosmoht and thought the H looked like an N so i changed that, then years down the line of always using nosmont as a name i got bored with it and wanted to do a radical redesign, so i picked the first name that came to mind and tossed it in there.

Oh my strengths in the game are buying and selling, I know the price of mostly everything, and if I dont I try to find out almost immediately, I am terrible at pvp, I have only got a few kills and they are all because of conflag poitions, and from killing kenshin a few times. I have recently become decent at pvm. And other then that i used to be good at idocs, alas they have been reset so no good houses are set up for decay yet.

Other then that I cannot think of anything else to fill this intro with. See you all in game!
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PostSubject: Re: Heya intro   Heya intro EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 4:28 pm

Hi Marty!!! I started UO in 1999 as well, and quit around 2000 or 2001...can't remember. Just after Trammel was implemented. And i do remember forming those walls down in Deceit because the Bone Knights would whoop yer butt!!! Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Heya intro   Heya intro EmptySat Jan 12, 2013 6:30 pm

Marty shall for now on be known as the guild dealer!

...I often wonder if players real world personalities/careers play a part in what they prefer to do in game. Are you also some sort of retailer or appraiser irl?
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PostSubject: Re: Heya intro   Heya intro Empty

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Heya intro
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