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 Introducing Saturn

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PostSubject: Introducing Saturn   Introducing Saturn EmptyMon Dec 24, 2012 7:28 pm

Im sure most of you have met me by now. But heres some stuff you might not know;

I used to play uo back in the 90s. My older brother introduced me. I can't remember how young i was, but i used to just watch him play for hours and he would have me do the hum drum activities like mining and all the stuff we use macros for now (i was the original easy uo!). After awhile of that he set me up with my own account that i rarely had the chance to play because we only had the one computer growing up (on dial up!).
I eventually rose to the top on Lake Superior and was in the guild "ROSE". I stop playing because of some life troubles that required me to work 3 jobs and offered me no time for any games. In 2004 i moved to a city where I didn't know anyone and returned to uo out of boredom. Thats when i discovered free shards. I can't remember the name of the shard i was on (I've been trying to find it to see if its still around), but I rose up to GM level and was the Event Moderator.
I left that server because i bought my own business and was in a serious relationship and didn't have time for gaming yet again
But now im single and my job gives me alot of down time, so im back to the world of UO as a regular player.
Most of you know my game play, im a pvm type, and i don't have it in me to go pk for any reason. My pvp skills are horrible anyway. I don't use any scripts and only have last spell and last item macros (and pet heal razor macro).
I've been on Pandora for almost 500days, and play almost everyday, except for when im out of town, which can be often. Im also a minimalist and that shows even in my uo accounts. I have next to no deco and most of the high end stuff i dont use i get rid of quickly. However, i am 120 in most crafting skills, including imbue. I have no problem using those skills to help anyone, and i also have a donator soulforge that increase my imbuing rates. So if anyone ever needs anything done, im your man!
I came to soul after trying a few other guilds out. I was originally with WINE, but the guild kind of fell inactive. I was with SoP for awhile, but because i normaly don't play until im done work at night, i found soul to be a perfect fit with the other night owls and people in time zones behind my own ( I live in Northern Ontario). I love SOUL!

I huge note to guildies who don't already know; I run a corner store and normaly have my character logged in while at work for macros or what not, but im only really active at night or on days off.
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Introducing Saturn Empty
PostSubject: Re: Introducing Saturn   Introducing Saturn EmptySat Aug 24, 2013 5:33 am

Wow, I'm sort of shocked! I was just like that with my father, always watching him playing UO. We all also played in Lake Superior as well! We were in a guild called "Curse Souls" (Another reason why I love Lost Souls is because it reminds me so much of my First guild ever!) But then a bit before I quite I joined a very large guild EoM, if you're familiar with any aha. But very interesting!
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Introducing Saturn
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